Places near DUET

Nuhash Polli:

Situated in Pirozali village under Mirzapur Union of Gazipur Sadar, Nuhash Polli is a place connected with the memory of Famous Bengali writer Humayun Ahmed. The scenic beauty of the place attracts visitors from distances around the country. A small visit to the place can make people spellbound and acquainted with the artistic mind of the great writer.

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Bhawal National Park:

National Park of Bangladesh located in Gazipur was established with a purpose of protecting wildlife habitats as well as providing recreational opportunities for people. The park harbors not only numerous plant species, including shrubs, palms, grasses, vines and herbs but also a myriad of peacocks, tiger, leopard, Black Panther and elephant. The soothing environment can bring people to the proximity of natural beauty beyond the hustles of city life.

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Bangabandhu Safari Park:

A wildlife park in Bagherbazar of Gazipur District is an incredible place to have the thrill of getting close to magical creatures roaming in their own environment. Tiger, Lion, Sambar, Monkey, Beer, Crocodile, Giraffe, diversified birds, and animals will make people feel wandering through a forest terrain.

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